Sep 8, 2019 • 1HR 1M

The Mid-Winter Bore. LIVE from the #CanberraBubble

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G’day Fearmongers!

We’ve just posted a great new podcast episode for you — A Rational Fear’s Mid-Winter Bore recorded live at The Street Theatre, featuring Mark Humphries, Lewis Hobba, Shalailah Medhora, Mike Bowers and me, Dan Ilic.

A huge crowd, thirsty for satire or maybe just starved of any kind of entertainment, turned up for the best show we’ve ever done in Canberra*. 

The fearmongers ripped apart this month’s news faster than Boris Johnson ripped apart his party majority. The locals lapped it up and we didn’t even make a single joke about roundabouts (trams are the new roundabouts).

Listen in and hear about the Tamil family’s plight, the return of ‘The Boats’, Canberra missing out on being on the Economist’s ‘Liveable City Index’ and Hanson’s slippery slope on Uluru. 7:30 satirist Mark Humphries talks comedy cuts and makes a great Mugabe joke. Hack’s Shalailah Medhora slams the notion of the ‘Canberra Bubble’. The Guardian’s Photographer at large Mike Bowers brainstorms new Sky News shows, and Triple J’s Lewis Hobba laments Nine Network’s Liberal Party fundraiser and calls for all-in bribery.

It’s fast, it’s funny, it’s #insiders on crack.

(*also the 1st show we’ve ever done in Canberra — we’ll be back)



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00:00:00 Preamble - Dan in his hotel in Canberra
00:00:40 Start
00:05:50 Fearsome Fear #1: The Boats Are Back and the Tamil family.
00:11:56 Alan Jones on the Tamil family.
00:15:22 Fearsome Fear #2:Canberra misses out on the “most liveable city” 00:20:05 Tourists are asked “What is Canberra?”
00:22:05 Fearsome Fear #3: Pauline Hanson attempts to climb Uluru.=
00:27:54 Mark Humphries: TV networks axing comedy shows.
00:37:58 Shalailah Medhora: Canberra isn’t the ‘Canberra bubble’.
00:46:38 The new exhibit at Questacon.
00:48:14 Mike Bowers: New Shows on Sky News.
00:50:20 Mike Bowers: Favourite photos. SLIDESHOW HERE
00:53:20 Lewis Hobba: Nine Network Fundraiser for Liberal Party
01:00:26 End.

Thank you to Mike, Shai, Lewis, Mark, Dylan Behan, Killian David & Kate Holdsworth for your creative input. And thanks to Yvonne, Ro and Token events for producing the tour.