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Big Auto's Big Aussie Dumping Ground.

📺 We've got cars, utes, and lobbyists!

G’day Fearmongers,

We’ve been busy working hard with the Climate Council on a new comedy sketch that makes fun of how a few of the big auto companies are trying to stop new fuel efficiency standards that will make cars cleaner, and cheaper to run.

Here’s this from the Climate Council website:

  • Transport is one of Australia’s fastest growing sources of climate pollution with cars, vans and utes making up almost two-thirds of transport emissions in Australia. A New Vehicle Efficiency Standard is a common and popular tool to cut transport pollution and improve the efficiency of new cars worldwide. 

  • The Government’s New Vehicle Efficiency Standard will cut annual fuel costs by $1,000 for the average new car buyer in 2028. Outer suburban and regional drivers could save up to a whopping $1,800!

  • Vehicle pollution kills more Australians than road accidents every year. Cleaner cars produce less dangerous pollution – of all kinds. The New Vehicle Efficiency Standard is essential to start driving the big cuts to pollution we need to protect the health and wellbeing of all Australians.

So please watch it, and share the links below, and if you want more, join us on Patreon to see the behind the scenes pictures.


Dan Ilic


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Written and performed by Mark Humphries and Dan Ilic.
DOP and Directed by Chloe Angelo.
Sound recording by Dave Sims.
Production help from Jack Tulleners.
Sound design from Jacob Round.
Lobbyists played by Mark Simpson, Anita Jorgensen, and Jeeves Verma.
Thanks to CarCity as well as all of our Patreon supporters.

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