Can you do me a small favour?

Share our latest show (And win a prize).

G’day Fearmongers,

I need a small favour. 

The Melbourne Comedy Festival episode of A Rational Fear was one of the BEST we’ve made in a long time. It’s up there with our 100th episode, our QLD Climate Week show and our Press Freedom show.

We worked hard on it, and it sounds great, it is electric. Everyone onstage was on fire. It’s a cracker show from start to finish.

But I need your help to tell people about it.

There are 2000 fans of A Rational Fear on this email list — and I would love to make that 10,000 fans.

We have a great podcast, with a great range of guests, talking about important topics in a really smart and funny way. There isn’t anything quite like it in Australian media.

SO — please spread the word about our latest episode.

Take a selfie or screenshot of you listening to the latest podcast on your phone and share it on instagram, facebook, twitter, or tiktok. Make sure you tag @ARationalFear in the post so I can see it, and re-share it.

If you can, include the link to the latest episode:

Or the Podcast links:
Google Podcasts.

And add some nice words like:

“Wow, @ARationalFear is the best comedy podcast in Australia for a reason”

“This is my favourite podcast right now — listen to @ARationalFear”

“I’m only posting about @ARationalFear so @DanIlic sends me a prize pack”

What was that about a Prize?

Okay fine — I’ll take a note of everyone who shares the podcast on instagram and twitter this weekend, and then pick at random on Monday a winner of the first A Rational Fear merchandise prize pack worth $200.  How about that?

Please help spread the word about our little show.

Feel free to use any of the images below in your posts — this show is amazing — it’s hilarious and deserves to be heard by as many people who watch #MAFS — they might not understand the jokes, but it’s worth a shot.


Dan Ilic