100th Episode Special!

New podcast: Hamish Blake, Yumi Stynes, Gabbi Bolt, Chris Taylor, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic + Hot Dub Time Machine

G’day Fearmongers,

Last night at Giant Dwarf we had an absolute cracker of a live show to celebrate our 100th episode of A Rational Fear.

Chris Taylor opened all the Queen's expense files.
Alice Fraser peered into the mindset of Elon Musk acolytes.
Yumi Stynes told us how Eddie McGuire's departure from Collingwood doesn’t change very much at all.
Hamish Blake tried to exploit the Australian Open.
Lewis Hobba defended Sydney’s Crown Casino.
Gabbi Bolt proved she's not related to Andrew Bolt.
Dan Ilic (me) tried to explain why we should have seen Craig Kelly coming.
And Tom Lowndes from Hot Dub Time Machine holds the whole thing together.

It was one of the best live shows we've ever done! We hope you enjoy it.

Shout out to new Patreon member Shaun who signed up on the night. Legend. Scroll down for pics from the night.

If you’ve been with us for a short time, or since 2012 when we did our first show at the FBi Social in Kings Cross, a very big thank you. There aren’t many places where a disparate group of funny and sharp people can come and make jokes about the news and climate change. Lewis and I are looking forward to making the next 100 episodes!


Dan Ilic


Big thanks to The Bertha Foundation, our Patreon Supporters and RODE Mics, post producer Jacob Round, also special thanks to the team at Giant Dwarf, we’re so lucky in Sydney to have such a wonderful space to make fun stuff on stage. Photographs by Alex Gabbott.


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