A Good Week For The Planet (Bad week for fossil fuels)

🎧 New GMPOOG Podcast: The Juice Media's Giordano Nanni + Rod Quantock + Antonia Juhasz

G’day Fearmongers —

Once a month on the A Rational Fear podcast feed with publish a Greatest Moral Podcast Of Our Generation podcast. These are long-form chats with climate leaders from all walks of life. This month I bring you two conversations with a couple of comedians whose work and energy around climate justice has inspired me for years.


Linh Do and I also chat with energy journalist and fellow Bertha Fellow, Antonia Juhasz about the Dutch Court ruling that Shell must cut their emissions to meet the Paris Agreement targets, and how shareholders of Chevron and Exxon are forcing those companies to reckon with their own carbon footprint.

One story that isn’t in this week’s podcast because it broke after Linh and I recorded the show, was how the High Court of Australia ruled that the Environment Minister has a duty of care for Australia’s young people. Incredible ruling — we spoke with Dave Barnden the lawyer behind the case back in September on A Rational Fear.


The Juice Media’s Giordano Nanni, who’s Honest Government Ads reach millions and millions of people on-line. He’s one of Australia’s most influential YouTube creators on issues that matter.

and Rod Quantock. Rod is no stranger to Australian comedy fans. From his early stand up days at The Last Laugh, to his work on TV shows like Australia You’re Standing In It (yes, and Captain Snooze).

Rod dedicated the last couple of decades to doing comedy about climate change . He is the guy who inspired me to start A Rational Fear as a vehicle to bring more people to the topic of climate change in an accessible way. The conversation with Rod Quantock is a little …. depressing but it’s worth hearing his point of view as a guy who has been active in this space for a long time…and is tired.

Enjoy the interviews and see you at the LIVE shows in Newcastle, Bega, Sydney and Melbourne!


Dan Ilic


LIVE SHOWS: Newcastle + Bega!!!

Presented by Token Events and the Bertha Foundation:

Australia’s best comedy podcast is coming to Newcastle & Bega to do a show about the beginning of the end of the world. 

A Rational Fear’s “I Feel Fine” show is a night of laughing in the face of the scariest things facing the planet: extreme weather, rising sea levels and global warming.

If your SkyNews watching Uncle doesn’t believe in it, we’re making fun of it — in horrific hilarious detail for an evening that can only be described as #QandA on crack.

Newcastle Civic Theatre

Kirsten Drysdale (Reputation Rehab)
James Pender (Sammy J)
Lewis Hobba (Triple J)
Dan Ilic (Can Of Worms)
Georgina Woods (Lock The Gate)
+ DJ Dylabolical (The Chaser / Newsfighters Podcast)

Bega Valley Commemorative Civic Centre!

Mick Neven (Melb. Comedy Festival)
Gabbi Bolt (Tik Tok / The Chaser)
Lewis Hobba (Triple J)
Dan Ilic (Hungry Beast)
Linh Do (Climate Reality / Greatest Moral Podcast Of Our Generation)
+DJ Dylabolical (The Chaser / Newsfighters Podcast)


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