"Separating families has got to stop" says current World Champion of separating families.

Peter Dutton battles to protect his title.

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G'day Fearmongers,

Dan Ilic here with this week's A Rational Fear.

We discuss how Artificial Intelligence is now writing for The Guardian. Turn our eye to global press freedom, and how only place the Australian Government will protect journalists is if they’re in China. We also make fun of Australian conspiracy theorists again, we know we shouldn’t but it’s hard to resist. And we meet the lawyer launching a class action on behalf of all Australia’s teenagers trying to stop the Federal Government from approving an extension to a coal mine in northern NSW.

This week’s Fearmongers:

Mike Goldstein , Ange Lavoipierre, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic and David Barnden from Equity Generation Lawyers

Announcement about announcements:

This Sunday morning you can catch me on #Insiders. I’ll be Talking Pictures with friend of the show Mike Bowers. It’s also a great excuse to recycle jokes from the podcast. After all the ABC is Australia’s Patreon, the people deserve it.

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Greatest Moral Podcast of Our Generation:

The first GMPOOG is coming on Monday. Long-form conversations with climate leaders from around the world. The first one is with former Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. It is fascinating. Kevin was in good form. We spoke about about climate policies past and future, and Kevy did plenty of sledging towards Rupert Murdoch and others.


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Dan Ilic