I’m Dan Ilic,

I'm an investigative humorist β€” I tend to take the saddest stories and bring them to life with comedy in order for them to reach a wider audience. I have a long history of making climate related stories accessible. I am well known in Australia for work in climate related stories, as well as my comedy work in television.

Staring from July 2020 A Rational Fear is making a subtle change:

As well as our β€œIf it wasn’t funny, it’d be sad” brand of satire, A Rational Fear is going tell the personal stories of people who are affected most by the change in climate, and also those who benefit from inaction.

Follow the money to the places who will experience the boom, and those who stand to lose everything from inaction, not only in Australia but around the Pacific.

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Dan Ilic

Investigative Humourist