We're living in the first 5min of a disaster movie.

COVID19 — The Prequel

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G’day Fearmongers —

This week’s podcast is a good one. With guests Chris Taylor (The Chaser), Bridie Connell (Tonightly) and friend of the show, Professor Hilary Bambrick, from the QUT School of Public Health and Social Work talking all things COVID19. Plus the “notional” National Bushfire Recovery Fund.

We want to do a weekly podcast to keep all you self-isolating folk entertained, but we need support. If you enjoy A Rational Fear, jump on our Patreon and chip in $3, so we help our guests wipe their bums (we pay in apocalyptic toilet paper).

Our GIFs to you :

What Scott Cam was thinking while Michaelia Cash justified his $350,000 fee (for doing one appearance and four social media posts about the apprenticeships scheme).

Scenes from Sydney’s Coronavirus madness — firstly a man’s reaction to when a woman coughed on him as a joke:

In times of crisis Australians are renowned for helping out our fellow mate —

And are we in a disaster movie? Here’s a scene from Thailand with gangs of monkeys fighting over food scraps, because there are no tourists around to feed them.

But THIS GIF makes me BELIEVE we can overcome all of this and solve the Coronavirus and the Climate Crisis:


The Melbourne International Comedy Festival is still going ahead — If the Grand Prix is going ahead so are we damn it! There’s no better way to combat the fear of contracting Coronavirus 19 than wilfully sitting next to a group of strangers mocking the hell out of infectious agents. If we make enough jokes about it — COVID19 will cancel itself.

As the maxim goes “The Show Must Go On In Personal Protective Equipment”


We’re only doing one show, and will probably sell-out, because our audience embraces chaos. (If you buy tickets, you’ll be able to refund them in the event of cancellation)


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Jacob Round for the edit and mix, Rupert Degas for his incredible Bernie Sanders and Prince Harry, and FBi Radio for keeping Sydney music, arts and culture alive.

Yours in fear — Dan Ilic