We fixed the Government's COVID19 vaccination campaign — and it's gone viral.

🎥 And made it into the New York Times

G’day Fearmongers —

On Sunday night the Government’s COVID19 vaccination scare campaign raced around the internet tubes. As soon as I saw it, my immediate thought was:

This is terrible — no one uses Matrix green anymore.

Also hospitals wouldn’t allow people to be in so much distress, they have awesome drugs for that, and that woman looks way under 40 and there’s no way she’d be eligible for the Pfizer Vaccine and if her GP was like mine, she wouldn’t be getting Astra Zeneca.

The other thing I thought was: Beauty! They didn’t put a voice over on it, and made it extremely easy to mash up and parody — so I spent 40 minutes on Sunday evening making this:

Since sunday this video has been seen over 150,000 times on twitter, about 150,000 times on TikTok as well as a mention Junkee and also another media outlet from the United States of America called The New York Times —

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Seriously, this is really cool. I’m stoked, it must be what it feels like to get your 2nd Pfizer jab.

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Dan Ilic


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