Three Sisters consider forming rugby league team to receive bushfire recovery funds.

But draws line at moving to a coalition electorate.

After not receiving one cent of the Bushfire Recovery Fund the Three Sisters are considering starting a Rugby League team. “Full credit to the fires. We were totally wiped out during Black Summer” said the tallest of the sisters “over 80% of the national park was burned, but we’re planning on coming back next bushfire season bigger and better than ever.” When asked if they would ever consider just moving to a an electorate represented by a Liberal politician “At the end of the day we’re a mountains region at the west of Sydney, we’re very loyal to this location, but if the right offer came from Dickson, Hughes or Wentworth, we’d have to consider it, because here we’re always on f****ing fire” Chimed in the shortest Sister.


On this week’s podcast we play kick the kick with Eddie McGuire’s handling of the Do Better report, learn about a young man who has been in a coma since the start of the pandemic, and talk about the shopping habits of the Melbourne’s latest COVID case, then we cross to Yangon and chat to Myo Kyaw Thur to hear how young people are dealing with living in Myanmar as their country is taken over by the military .


Sami Shah
Shalailah Medhora
Lewis Hobba
Dan Ilic
Myo Kyaw Thur (Yangon)
Also music from Gabbi Bolt


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