This is my last Gas-Guzzling Piece of Sh*t .

🎧 New GMPOOG Podcast: Saul Griffith + David Pocock

The fascinating thing about Australia is we win first. We could be the luckiest country if only we wish to be the cleverest country.” — Saul Griffith

G’day Fearmongers —

Once a month on the A Rational Fear Podcast feed we have a long-form conversation about climate change with climate leaders from all walks of life.

This month Linh Do and I (Dan Ilic) speak with David Pocock about the launch The Cool Down.

An open letter of over 400 people in the sports community who want to see more climate action.

We also discuss:

And our big interview is with Saul Griffith.

He is a man with a plan, and knows how to implement it.

After decades of listening to politicians pretending they don’t know the solutions to climate change, or that it’s too hard, or too expensive, it is refreshing to hear how is is possible to move the entire energy system to renewables, and how it would be financial benefits would be HUGE to do so — quickly.

It is a pragmatic and inspiring chat about what’s possible in Australia today.

During our conversation Saul made a joke about a bumper sticker for people who want to buy an EV, but they are just out of reach right now — “This is my last gas-guzzling piece of sh*t”.

So I made it into a bumper sticker and it’s now on our RedBubble store, support the podcast and buy one for yourself or your friend who is close to buying an EV.

If you want to go deeper with the stuff that Saul is working on, he has a new book coming out in October through MIT Press: Electrify: An Optimist's Playbook for Our Clean Energy Future.

Hope you enjoy the chat as much as I enjoyed nerding out with Saul.

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