The people taking the Australian Government to the UN over the lack of climate action.

Greatest Moral Podcast of Our Generation #3.

G’day Fearmongers,

Each month on the A Rational Fear podcast feed we deliver long-form conversations with leaders in climate action from Australia and around the world. This is Episode 3 of Greatest Moral Podcast of Our Generation.

This week we have two incredible voices.

Yessie Mosby is part of the ‘Torres Strait 8’, a group of Torres Strait islanders who are taking the Australian Government to the UN Human Rights Council for their lack of climate action. Which, as you can imagine if you live in the Torres Strait, is quite the existential problem. And I also chat with Sophie Marjanac, is the lawyer driving the complaint.

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This is a fascinating chat. If you’re like me, and live in a major city in Australia, it’s easy to be dismissive of sea-level rise as something that will effect other countries, other islands. Not our country.

But for those in the Torres Strait sea-level rise is ALREADY putting an entire culture, an entire race under threat. It’s fitting that this podcast’s schedule serendipitously lines up with NAIDOC week.

Big thanks also to my Bertha Fellow colleague, Linh Do, for covering the climate news up the top of the podcast with me. See below for more details on how you can help Yessie and the Torres Strait 8.


Dan Ilic


Yes, it’s another petition! But this one will update you on the complaint, and events that are being organised to support the case. Like, December 14th, there will be an online “Town Hall” for supporters and the public to meet the Torres Strait 8. If you sign the petition, you’ll be the first to be invited to sign up to the event. The campaign is being run by in Australia, and they’re a good bunch.

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