The Morrison COP cop out.

🎧 NEW PODCAST: Kylea Tink, Ben Jenkins, Diana Nguyen, Dan Ilic, Lewis Hobba

G’day Fearmongers —

What a week for A Rational Fear for very different reasons.

With your help, we’ll pull off the biggest stunt at COP26.

THANK YOU to the 1524 people who have helped us raise $120k for JokeKeeper so far. People are sick of the climate lies and it’s time to call out this shit show properly.

In case you missed it…

On Monday we put up an Indiegogo Campaign to raise $12,225 to pay for a billboard on the streets of Glasgow for the COP26 UN Climate Conference.

  • The email went out to this email list at around 6:30 am.

  • The goal of $12,225 was reached by 8:30am.

  • 24 hours later we were at $30,000.

  • Damon Gameau reached out to invite us to project the billboard on the SEC Armadillo, the convention centre where COP26 is being held!

  • The money raised means we can call out even more bullshit and have booked three more billboards already in Kooyong, New England, and The Great Ocean Road.

  • Now on Friday afternoon we’re rounding $120,000

Our project has really tapped into Australia’s ongoing frustrations, attracting widespread interest:

It’s you who helped jumpstart this campaign. We’re so thankful and proud.

Now we’re in a position to hire satirists, comedians, writers, filmmakers and producers (mid pandemic) to make targeted content ridiculing fossil fuel supported political parties. This is a big deal.

Chip in here if you’re interested.

Thanks very much. WE LOVE YOU.

Dan Ilic

This week’s podcast:

On the podcast this week we chat with Kylea Tink — the new independent candidate for North Sydney who is running in the lower house at the next federal election. Who is she? Why is she running?

Also comedians Ben Jenkins, Diana Nguyen, Dan Ilic (me), and Lewis Hobba dissect Scott Morrison's COP cop-out, plans to assassinate Julian Assange, and Diana decides to run for the Northern Beaches electorate of Mackellar.


A note about next week:

Next week, instead of our regular podcast you’ll hear our new spin-off show "Julia Zemiro Asks Who Cares?" Here’s the trailer:


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