The future of climate activism in Australia

🎧 NEW GMPOOG PODCAST feat. Jean Hinchliffe + Leaders Climate Summit

G’day Fearmongers —

This week on the Greatest Moral Podcast Of Our Generation Linh Do and I break down the key points from the Leaders Climate Summit.

🌏 In summary: The rest of the world is making huge ambitious targets to get meaningful reductions in emissions so that we don’t cool the Earth in the a bigger self-own the European Super League, and Australia — is being left behind.

🪧 And I interview one of my new heroes: School Strike 4 Climate leader, Jean Hinchliffe. I caught her on the final day of school holidays before she goes back to complete her HSC.

We are lucky to have Jean as one of the voices pushing for climate action. She’s powerful, eloquent and full of the optimism and energy we need to keep the pressure on the adults in the room.

I left the conversation full of hope for the future of the movement.


Dan Ilic



Can satire change the world? (never). Can satire be more powerful than journalism? (doubtful). Can satire be journalism? (probably not).

A Rational Fear and the Judith Neilson Institute for Journalism and Ideas presents Australia’s top satirists as they ask themselves those questions, and come up with the same answers at The Joke Is Mightier Than The Pen.

A funny, fast paced panel show with some of Australia’s most available smart arses as they wrangle with their career choices and do a deep dive into satire’s ability to replace journalists at half the price.

Join Andrew Denton (Interview), Alice Fraser (The Bugle), Mark Humphries (730), Alex lee (The Feed), Lewis Hobba (Triple J) and Dan Ilic (Insiders) at A Rational Fear’s Joke is Mightier Than The Pen.

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