Sexy Sea Snakes on OnlyFans.

🎧 NEW PODCAST: Ross Noble, Alice Fraser, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic + Simon Holmes à Court

G’day Fearmongers —

The Ross Noble Podcast’s Ross Noble joins us from hotel quarantine in Perth for his A Rational Fear debut. As a result the podcast this week is about double the usual length, with double the jokes. Also joining Lewis and I is long time fearmonger Alice Fraser who managed to fit us in her gruelling 15 podcast-a-day schedule.

On the menu this week:

  • Sea Snakes are having sex with scuba divers.

  • OnlyFans going back on their prudish promises.

  • The AFP’s April Fools Joke gone wrong.

  • The ACT and NSW government are fighting over poo.

  • Disrupting the two-party system in Australia to get meaningful climate legislation at the next election with Simon Holmes à Court. He pops in to tells us about his Climate 200 campaign. It’s really exciting to see the possibility of genuine climate action by wedging the government into Minority no matter which major party has one of the reins.

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Dan Ilic


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