Serious Corona Virus Prepping & Super Tuesday got Berned.

Need toilet paper? Print this email.

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G’day Fearmongers —

I’m writing to you from my home, in self-quarantine for a virus known as freelancing. I haven’t seen anyone in months. I did manage to get a couple of rolls of toilet paper before the panic buying really set in.

I have rolls to spare. Make me an offer.

March 4, 2020

In the meantime, Prime Minister Scott Morrison always has the best advice — in these viral pandemic & toilet roll barren times Scotty says — “Make ‘em a Curry”


We are doing one show only at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 8.40pm, April 6th, at Melbourne Town Hall. 🎟️

Great line up of smart people and usual gang of idiots.

  • Patricial Karvelas (ABC RN)

  • Alice Fraser (The Last Post / The Bugle)

  • James Colley (The Weekly)

  • Bridie & Wyatt (Comedy ARIA Winners)

  • Lewis Hobba (Triple J)

  • DJ Dylabolical (Newsfighters)

  • and me, Dan Ilic (On LinkedIn looking for something to put here)


We’re going (semi) pro — if you enjoy the podcast, and the videos we make like Who Is Responsible For The Australian Bushfire Crisis? narrated by Tim Minchin. Please chip in so we can build up to creating 1 podcast a week and 1 live show a month and 1 video a month. All of this is expensive and we need about $10k a month to make it happen. Currently A Rational Fear is built with favours from smart people with great hearts, but I’d like to make those hearts cold and offer them money from time to time. So please if you enjoy our work chip in.

Thanks for listening — 




We lost the show! Well, I lost the show. Always eject the disk properly people! It was a good one Christaan Van Vuuren, & Madeline Stewart came into studio. Thanks to them, I’ll get them on another time soon.

But we still have a podcast from all of the pre-taped content:

(00:00) Housekeeping
(03:30) Sponsorship announcement: Local Newspapers.
(05:25) We speak with journalist Asher Wolf about how people with vulnerable immune systems are taking coronavirus seriously.
(10:30) And we speak with progressive comedian Francesca Fiorentini about the wash up of Super Tuesday and the way forward for Bernie Sanders' supporters.
(17:50) Credits
(19:00) Newsfighters on Coronavirus