Rugby Love Island

INSIDE: How to swap civil liberties for cash.

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Fearmongers on this pod:
🐦Nadine Von Cohen
🐦Petr Lebedev
📷Lewis Hobba
and 📷Dan Ilic

We interview 📹@Sooklyn from TikTok fame and 🦠Nauroze Anees about the risk of COVID19 inside Australia's detention centres. And we have some COVID19 Stand-up Comedy from 🎤Mick Neven, as well as a brand new episode of 🥊Newsfighters.

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— (00:00) Preamble, thank you to Patreon subscribers.
— (01:27) Start.
— (02:28) Introductions.
— (04:08) SPONSOR: Fox Board Games.
— (05:45) We're a Nordic Socialist Democracy Now.
— (10:50) NRL Island.
— (12:27) Magnets up the nose.
— (17:50) Nauroze interview preview.
— (18:21) Sooklyn From TikTok Interview.
— (29:00) COVID19 inside Australia's Detention Centres.
— (34:00) Stand-up Comedy: Mick Neven
— (41:00) Credits
— (41:55) Newsfighters