New (Award Winning) A Rational Fear Podcast

Now officially the funniest podcast in Australia.


We have some old friends of the show and someone new. Chris Taylor (The Chaser) Alice Fraser (The Last Post) And Imaan Frank Hadchiti joins the podcast. Qantas’s vaccinations, The Magna Carta people of the UK, and Turkey Pardoning in the USA. We unfortunately didn’t connect to our guest interview Michael West on the crumbling of the Murdoch Empire, we assume he was assassinated mid-podcast by John Barilaro. 


We won the Best Comedy Podcast at the Australian Podcast Awards. Beating out such luminaries as Hamish and Andy and Tony Martin’s Sizzle Town.  I trust that last year’s winners Tony Martin and his producer Matt Dower will take the Australian Podcast Awards finding with good grace, and will proceed with a peaceful transition of power.  It’s what makes the Australian Podcast Awards great, we may differ on what we think is ‘humour,’ but we can all agree farts are always funny.

(Thanks to all our incredible listeners, participants and supporters.)


Today, Friday 27th at 5pm, is the cut off time for submissions to the House Standing Committee on the Environment and Energy. Use GetUp!’s very simple form here to fill out a couple of paragraphs about why you believe fossil fuels should stay in the ground and how electrifying industry is going to make the world a better place.


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