Net 0 Chaplains in Schools before 2050

🎧 NEW PODCAST: Julia Zemiro, Rob "Millsy" Mills, Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic + Leanne Minshull.

G’day Fearmongers —

Christian backbenchers in Morrison’s Government are at it again, trying to fight climate change with hopes and prayers. Liberal MP Andrew Wallace has said that activist groups are causing children to lose hope over climate change, therefore we must fund more chaplains in schools. That’ll fix it. Sing-alongs about a guy who could walk on water. Jesus would have been fine with rising sea-levels.

Kids are actually losing hope due to politicians delaying climate action. Even the Pope himself knows that what we need is to lower emissions as fast as possible to ensure the longevity of the Catholic Church. Climate Change has gotten so bad that not even insurance companies want to see “Acts of God” anymore.

In my position as the Executive Director of the Australian Lapsed Catholic Lobby I want to send this message to Canberra. Net 0 Chaplains In Schools before 2050, if not sooner:

On the podcast this week we’ve got a great line up for you:

Julia Zemiro (Rockwiz)
Rob “Millsy” Mills (Wicked)
Lewis Hobba (The Australian Billy Joel Experience)
Dan Ilic (The Australian Jon Lovitz Experience)

AND we also interview Leanne Minshull who is launching a new party to help rebuild trust in politics: The Local party.


Dan Ilic


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