Killing Adani & Calling Kamala

And how you can get a Russian COVID19 vaccine for just disrupting an election.


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G’day Fearmongers — Dan Ilic here, we’ve got another great A Rational Fear podcast for you featuring some top shelf guests: Sami Shah, Bec Melrose, Lewis Hobba.

We also chat with Bertha Challenge fellow Antonia Juharsz about Kamala Harris’s climate action credentials:

The superstar of this podcast is Paddy Manning from The Saturday Paper. He takes us through his ripping yarn about how the odds are stacked against the Adani mine in Queensland. Read the yarn here:

And we speak with an Australian Q-Anon supporter (not this one below, but worth watching, it’s ‘Bunnings Karen’ casting a spell.) Follow Cam Smith on twitter for more deep deep QAussie content.



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It costs a bit of money to make each episode of A Rational Fear — so far we’re at about 49% of the costs of running it. If we get to 100% I’ll be able to start paying Lewis some money, or put it towards buying Channel 10. If you enjoy our podcast, funny emails and important climate change conversations chip in here like a good sovereign citizen.

Until next week, there’s always something to be scared of.

Dan Ilic