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ScoMo's Recession Plan.

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G’day Fearmongers —

Happy recession to you! I for one am going to celebrate like it’s 1991:

You can too, not only have we got The Guardian’s Amy Remeikis on the podcast but we turned her tweet into a curated Spotify playlist of 1991’s Hot Recession Hits:

Also on the podcast this week we also have musical comedy legend Eddie Perfect, and we chat with Nauroze Anees live from Villawood Immigration Detention Centre about how the Government is trying to remove mobile phones from detainees.

This chat is an incredible insight into how and why it’s incredibly important for detainees to have phones with them at all times. Not only is it a link to the outside world, but it’s also a way they can document abuses happening inside the detention centres by contractors.

TASMANIANS— please listen to the podcast, then head on over to Senator Jacqui Lambie’s website and tell her why she should allow detainees to keep their phones:

Also on the podcast we chat with Ander Christensen who went viral after he took his Boneless Chicken Wings complaint all the way to the Lincoln Nebraska City Council

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