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🎧 NEW PODCAST: Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic, Heath Franklin, Nina Oyama, Greta Lee Jackson + Political Aweh (South Africa's Juice Media)

Con Sonar Crazy Fearmongers —

Join us on the poop deck for one ping only of your favourite Australian satirical comedy podcast. Lewis Hobba and me (Dan Ilic) are back with a shallow dive on the new Australian nuclear submarine deal.

Greta Lee Jackson releases a never before seen internal corporate video from The Liberal Party that proves they've fixed their woman problem. It was a sketch that was generously supported by Diana Ryall AM the first sketch as part of our new JokeKeeper service. The video will be released as a separate post on the weekend, it’s that good.

Nina Oyama on why she loves Nicki Minaj but refuses to go to the Met Gala with her. Also there is a, quite frankly, too long a conversation about picnics that Heath Franklin went to during the week.

Our interview guest is Stephen Horn from South Africa's equivalent of Juice Media — Politically Aweh. We bond and discover that the problems Australia is dealing with regarding extractive fossil fuel industries holding parliament ransom are happening in South Africa to an even greater degree.

In case you missed it:

In lieu of Gladys Berejiklian’s 11am press conference, I gave a press conference of my own at 11am updating the news media about all the stuff that’s been going on in my apartment, as well as taking questions from the press. It’s gotten over 250,000 views and now I’m looking for sponsors to continue doing it every Monday. I’ve already got a sponsor for next Monday, but if you’re keen to jump on board for the following weeks let me know.

Next week’s podcast guests:

Bec Charlwood, Aleks Milinkvic and Craig Reucassell.

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Until next week, there’s always something to be scared of.





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