His Royal Virus👑🦠

Keep Charles away from Mummy.

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Recorded at our homes over Google Meet — pumped through the RØDECaster™ Pro  — into your ears at home — slowing the spread one pun at time.

This A Rational Fear brings together voice actor Rupert Degas, comedian Bec Melrose, international health student Dr. Jazmin Daniells, New York City broadcaster Brad Blanks and as a special treat comedian Kirsty Webeck comes by to delight us with 5min from her cancelled Melbourne Comedy Festival show.

Cheers from my home.

Dan Ilic

(00:00) — Preamble, thank you mums.
(01:04) — Start.
(02:00) — Introductions.
(03:07) — SPONSOR: Robbie McGregor Reads Mark Latham’s Tweets.
(05:04) — Coping with Corona. 
(08:40) — HRH Prince Charles interview.
(10:30) — Private School Principal Delivers Social Distancing Rules.
(17:22) — Health worker Dr. Jazmin Daniells. 
(29:50) — Who is the COVID-19 Commission?
(32:14) — An Aussie in New York Brad Blanks.
(40:37) — Kirsty Webeck Stand Up.
(46:32) — Credits
(48:00) — Newsfighters

Stay at home — and listen to this.


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