Happy International Men's Day to #NotAllMen.

🎧 NEW PODCAST: Kirsten Drysdale, Kirk Docker, Michael Mazengarb, Lewis Hobba and Dan Ilic

G’day Fearmongers,

Wishing you all a Happy International Men’s Day to everyone on #teampatriarchy. We’ve had a good run. Pants with pockets, peeing standing up, and 14.2% more money than half the population.

If you’re a man and you listen to A Rational Fear, why not address the balance and chip in 14.2% extra into the A Rational Fear Patreon? We will spend it in ridiculous ways like buying a bunch of hammers to give to men on International Men’s Day.

You may remember on International Women’s Day 2021 the Member For Wentworth decided that with misogyny exploding across Parliament House the best thing to do was to hand out flowers to women catching the train in his electorate:

A meaningless gesture that was so tone deaf that it was asked to leave the choir, perhaps best summed up by the woman who received the flower:

So, to celebrate International Men’s day we bought a box of hammers and handed them out to men at the same train station. I tweeted the picture of the event with the exact same text, and when you read it with “men” the original act becomes even more deeply weird:


On the podcast this week we are joined by Fearmongers who go way back to Hungry Beast: Kirk Docker (You Can’t Ask That), Kirsten Drysdale (Reputation Rehab), Lewis Hobba (Triple J) and Dan Ilic (Billboard Media Buyer).

We’re also joined by Michael Mazengarb from RenewEconomy.com.au who gives us break down on the spurious modelling behind the Australian Government’s Net Zero by 2050 target that they took to COP26.

On the agenda this week:

  • Australian Podcast Awards

  • Alan Jones’ Social Network

  • Dave Sharma’s Typos

  • Golden Shower Rock and Roll

  • Eddie Obeid’s Family Business

  • Australia’s Greatest High Jumper

  • Does Australia’s Net Zero by 2050 modelling add up? (It doesn’t)


Dan Ilic
Hammer Purveyor



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