Facebook's promise to leave Australian democracy intact unfounded.

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G’day Fearmongers,

We’re back, just like Facebook news, and just like Facebook we’re giving out money to Australian publishers (if we feel like it). If you’re a major publisher of news content and want some coin, hit me up at dan[at]arationalfear.com, or if you’re an Australian Treasurer giving away pre-election grants for towing the party line, hit us up too, we’ll say what ever you want, it may come across as sarcasm, but we’ll give it a go.

On the podcast this week, we examine Facebook without news, we dob in some dole bludgers, we celebrate WA Opposition Leader, Zak Kirkup, conceding before he’s run and election. Also we interview Omri Marcus, the creative director of Israel’s only progressive party, Meretz. Omri gives us super interesting inside look of how broken Israel’s unicameral system is.

Fearmongers this week:

Declan Fay (The Sweetest Plum, and Crossbread)
Emily Johnson (@Howdoidelete1 on TikTok)
Lewis Hobba (From the ABC’s Triple J)
Dan Ilic (me, from this podcast)




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