Exclusive: Julia Zemiro Asks 'Who Cares?'

🎧 Guests: Mark Kelly & Sally Rugg

G’day Fearmongers —

Thanks to our generous Patreon supporters we’re able to bring you this special edition of A Rational Fear. Introducing the new monthly spin-off podcast about politics (for people who hate politics):

Julia Zemiro Asks 'Who Cares?' 

Each month for the next 6 months, Julia will be interviewing change makers, civic leaders, and organisers – to discover the secrets to making things happen.

This month Julia chats with:

Mark Kelly — The instigator of the 'Vote Tony Out' campaign. Hear this incredible story of agitation, and organisation. To get rid of one of the most malevolent actors in Australian political history.

Sally Rugg — Sally is one of the best brains in change making and community building in the world. A long time activist, campaigner, and leader in many movements, but most notably she helped lead Australia through the complex, and emotionally traumatic, fight for Marriage Equality.  

Big thanks to Jess Harwood who did the artwork for this limited series, it truly captures the optimism and rage all in one picture.

Hope you enjoy this month’s episode of JZAWC, tell us what you think with a review on Apple podcasts or on social media.

Regular A Rational Fear will be back next week with an EPIC billboard update. Can’t say much about our next #JokeKeeper billboard yet — but let’s just say start spreading the news.


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