SPECIAL: Kevin Rudd says meeting Murdoch is like meeting Gollum.

New monthly podcast! "Greatest Moral Podcast Of Our Generation".

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G’day Fearmongers —

Climate change scares me. Are we talking about it enough? I’m not, so I’ve started a new monthly podcast. It’s long-form conversations with leaders in climate justice from around the world.

So… I’m thrilled to give you the first episode of the Greatest Moral Podcast Of Our Generation.

Up first is the bloke who coined the phrase “greatest moral problem of our generation”, Kevin Rudd.

We’re a couple of generations of PMs past that speech, and sadly the climate emergency still holds the title.

Fellow Bertha Fellow, Linh Do, and I do a wrap of the month’s climate news, then we get to the interview.

Kevin and I speak about climate change policy, good, bad, future, past and present. We also go deep on Rupert Murdoch, NBN, and media regulation. Kevin also has some great advice for leaders who want to work in the climate space.

The Patreon version of this episode also has a conversation about off-shore detention and Kevin’s Manus Island solution.

If you’re a follower of #Auspol or just want to understand where we’re at with climate policy in Australia, this is a super interesting interview.

Dan Ilic


Host: Dan Ilic
Co-host: Linh Do
Post production: Jacob Round
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