Dutton's Christmas Message

He's keeping a list of who is naughty, and nice.


We go undercover as the NSW Premier's boyfriend to get a grant. We open up a mystery package of seeds from China. We lick our fingers with KFC's feature film ambitions, also we discuss how the rest of the world considers Australia’s record on climate action with energy CEO Assaad Razzouk.

Fearmongers this week:

Nikki Britton (Melbourne International Comedy Festival)
Vidya Rajan (At Home Alone Together)
Lewis Hobba (Triple J)
Dan Ilic (A Rational Fear)

Interview: Assaad Razzouk (The Angry Clean Energy Guy)

Go see Nikki Britton's: Christmas Is F#cking Cancelled


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BRANDED CONTENT: Peter Dutton’s Christmas Message


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