Another successful day under rule-of-law.

🎧 New podcast out today: A Rational Fear with Amy Remeikis, Adam Zwar and Prof. Lesley Hughes.

G’day Fearmongers —

This has been pretty low week for accountability and leadership at the highest levels in the Australian Government. Two separate government ministers, two separate stories. The same delay and distraction tactics to hold onto power. Then bunkering down and waiting until another crisis knocks the current ones out of the news cycle.

This is just another two scandals to add to the growing pile of coalition scandals since they took office. Follow Max Black for a running tally – it’s a great read, if only for nostalgia sake. Remember those Au Pairs? What’s the go with that?


True to form, A Rational Fear, explores the week’s scariest news. Catastrophic ecosystem collapse, Gerry Harvey’s JobKeeper bonus, sexual assault allegations in Canberra, and Schapelle Corby on Dancing With The Stars have all been loaded into the ARF canon and ready to be shot into space.

Fearmongers this week:
Amy Remeikis
Prof. Lesely Hughes (Climate Council)
Adam Zwar
Lewis Hobba
and me, Dan Ilic



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