Alan Jones Admits He's Wrong On Climate (But right on everything else)

🎧 NEW PODCAST: NEWCASTLE & BEGA VALLEY LIVE: Scott Ludlam, Kirsten Drysdale, Dan Ilic, Lewis Hobba, Gabbi Bolt, Georgina Woods, Mick Neven, James Pender, Dylan Behan.

G’day Fearmongers,

Big thanks to everyone who came out to our climate-vulnerable tour to Newcastle and Bega. It was such a beautiful trip, and a privilege to be able to bring two great shows to your towns. If you missed it live, listen to this week’s MEGA LIVE PODCAST
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Kirsten Drysdale (Reputation Rehab)
James Pender (Sammy J)
Lewis Hobba (Triple J)
Dan Ilic (Can Of Worms)
Georgina Woods (Lock The Gate)
+ DJ Dylabolical (The Chaser / Newsfighters Podcast)

Mick Neven (Melb. Comedy Festival)
Gabbi Bolt (Tik Tok / The Chaser)
Lewis Hobba (Triple J)
Dan Ilic (Hungry Beast)
Scott Ludlam (Former Senator)
+DJ Dylabolical (The Chaser / Newsfighters Podcast)

For those who weren’t at the shows…

I did a bit about how when I was driving through regional NSW earlier this year, I noticed that the occasional shop front window would be displaying climate change disinformation in the form of printed memes, and chain emails.

Added to this was proof that climate change has been happening for a century in the form of reprints of Dorothea Mackellar’s Sunburnt Country and the occasional Alan Jones opinion piece, riddled with lies and anti-climate change propaganda.

So, as you’ll hear in this week’s podcast, I took it upon myself to re-write Dorothea Mackellar’s Sunburnt Country, and imagine what it could look like if Alan Jones were to come join the rest of us in reality and publish an apology in the future for his incorrect stance on climate action. I printed them off and handed them out to the audience, as well as posted a few around Newcastle and Bega Valley.

And now YOU can download Alan Jones’ Climate Apology + Dorothea Mackellar’s Sunburnt Country (not one constantly on fire) to put up in your shopfront window too:

If you live in a regional town, please download it, and tac it to a shopfront window, and send me a picture or tag @ARationalFear on social media. As they say, we’ve got to fight fire, with memes.


Speaking of memes — to commemorate John Barilaro’s attack on free speech and satire we have done a collab with Brisbane artist Nordacious and have created what we suspect will be a very limited edition series of merchandise. Pick up a t-shirt / sticker or hoodie before we have to take it down.

See you in Sydney next Thursday or at Comedy Republic in Melbourne on August 14th


Dan Ilic



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