After sucker punch, school bully asks R U Okay? as teacher walks by.

🎧 NEW PODCAST: Lewis Hobba, Dan Ilic, Blair Palese and Mitch Garling

G’day Fearmongers,

Sorry for starting this email with a photo of the school bully after he’s punched you for your lunch money just as a teacher walks by. It should have come with a trigger warning.

Trigger Warning:

  • On this week’s podcast we discuss in depth Scott Morrison’s Are You Okay Day instagram video.

  • Comedian and host of the Dead Dad’s Society Podcast Mitch Garling talks us through what it’s like to be mistaken for COVID19 Crisis Actor.

  • Blair Palese also joins us to call bullsh*t on NewsCorp’s promise to do better on climate action.

  • We also ask why Greg Hunt couldn’t open an email to save his life.

  • And rip into Guy Sebastian for his vaccination non-denial denial where he claims “he’s not trying to tell people what to put in their bodies”.

Speaking of putting things in your body — A Rational Fear has a new influencer. Jules Sebastien is now an A Rational Fear ambassador. Mrs. Sebastien says “everyone in the whole family should insert this podcast in your ears — it sounds delicious.” — thanks Jules!

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