800,000 flights to swing seats of swinging dicks.

🎧 New podcast out, with Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki, Naomi Higgins, Michael Hing, Lewis Hobba and Dan Ilic


A Rational Fear is going to try, once more, to go to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival! Join Dan Ilic (Insiders), Lewis Hobba (Triple J), Alice Fraser (The Bugle), Sami Shah (The Saturday Paper), James Colley (The Weekly / Gruen) Gabbi Bolt (TikTok) DJ Dylabolical (News Fighters) and a very special guest, yet to be booked.
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8:30pm, April 11th.
Supper Room, Melbourne Town Hall.
🎟️ https://www.comedyfestival.com.au/2021/shows/a-rational-fear


Welcome to the ‘Hobba and Hing: Up-Late extended edition” episode of A Rational Fear.

We rip into the 800,000 half price tickets to given out by the federal Government to buy the votes of the marginal electorates on those selected flight routes. If rorting was a sport the coalition would win a gold medal, or at least find a way to guarantee the supply of gold from one of their mates in the medal factory.

Also we take a closer look at what could be behind Piers Morgan storming out from ITV’s Good Morning Britain. Was it pride? Was it to negotiate a bigger contract or is it because he’s just an absolute jerk?

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki also joins us to talk about how humans have pushed the Earth off its original axis through climate change.

Fearmongers this week include:

Dr. Karl Kruszelnicki 📚 (Dr. Karl's Little Book of Climate Change Science)
Naomi Higgins 📺 (Why Are You Like This)
Michael Hing 🎟️ (MICF show: Kill-Hing in the Name Of)
Lewis Hobba 🎟️ (MICF show: A Rational Fear)
Dan Ilic 🎟️ (MICF show: A Rational Fear)



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